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Wireless Residential Alarm System

A wireless residential alarm system is a very popular cost effective home security solution as the average DIY’er can undertake the installation. Wireless alarm systems are becoming not only far cheaper but more reliable than they were a few years ago. Plus, in most cases when you file taxes online, they can be written off as a deduction. If purchasing for a rental property, the cost of a wireless alarm system can be include as a rental expense and put on your rental depreciation schedule. Aside from the financial implications, they are straightforward to install and don’t require a professional installation.

Usually a residential wireless security system comprises of a control panel, alarm sounder/siren and wireless alarm sensor devices such as door/window sensors, PIR motion sensors, smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms. Each wireless device has a built in radio transmitter/receiver that is powered by batteries so that it can communicate to the main control unit.
One big advantage of the wireless components is that it’s very easy to relocate the components around your property to different locations – and there is no need to change any wiring. If you’re planning an extension to your property it’s straightforward to acquire and install further security sensors to protect the extended section of your house. Be sure to purchase an alarm control unit that allows for suitable expansion of devices.
Nowadays, wireless security technology is now considered as reliable as hardwired alarm systems. Originally, there were concerns about wireless technology due to signal interference from, e.g. baby monitors or wireless doorbells but these problems have since been resolved.
As with a wired alarm system, a wireless alarm system can be connected to an alarm monitoring center for your peace of mind. Knowing your house is not only protected by an alarm system but also being watched 24 hours a day by a monitoring center will eliminate the anxiety of having to return home to a break in.
In summary, wireless residential alarm systems provide a package that is not only highly effective against crime and burglaries but is easy to install and portable. It is painless to expand your wireless system to include additional sensors in the future.