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The Burglar Returns!

Once you have been burgled there is an increased chance of being burgled a second time, usually by the same burglar. The reason why that same burglar could come back again is that he knows the layout of your home, he knows the weaknesses of your home security and he knows that you will replace the stolen items when your insurance pays out.
If the burglar steals your TV, DVD player, computer, games console etc… then these will nearly always be directly replaced by a similar, if not better item. The thief will be rubbing his hands together when he pays you a visit a second time. From his first visit, he knows how your home is laid out. e.g. where to find your TV and computer which will make his second visit swifter.

The burglar may not have taken everything that interested him the first time. He may not have been able to carry all of your items. Time is of essence so he would have eyed up the rest of your valuables for his next visit.
It is unfortunate that homeowners do in fact get burgled two or three times if precautions have not been taken to prevent further burglaries. Burglars often get into your property by forcing a window or door. Next time round they will try the same window or door. Surprisingly homeowners don’t learn their lesson and don’t improve their home security after being burgled.
You need to make a review of your entire home security strategy. Look at your window security and door lock security. These need to be addressed first and fitting good quality locks and deadbolts locks for your doors will be a good start to improve your physical security. There are inexpensive options that can be done to further protect your property. Fitting external security lighting to illuminate your yard and garden will deter a burglar from getting close to your property. Always install this type of lighting in under-lit areas of your property.
If you have the budget then it is wise to install a burglar alarm system. There are many systems that are inexpensive so there is really no excuse in installing one. There are several options available from wired to wireless security alarms to monitored alarm systems. A wireless system is great for installing yourself. There is a wide and varied choice depending on your pocket but always choose the best security company you can afford.
The final option to consider is home security cameras and surveillance monitoring. Security cameras (or CCTV) are highly effective in preventing the opportunist burglar because of their appearance together with signage that often accompanies them. As burglars usually choose the easiest property to break into, a security camera will deter them as they obviously don’t want to be seen breaking in as the images captured would be used in a court of law to convict the burglar.