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Portable Home Security Alarms

Although not as common as a permanent home security solution, there is a demand for the portable home security alarm. So who would require a portable alarm? Firstly, this type of security system is ideal for persons in rented accommodation. As the renter moves from property to property he can simply uninstall the system and take it with him.
Another example is for someone who will move house in the near future, but has a requirement for a home security system now. They don’t want to spend a lot of money on an installed system only to leave it behind when they move house.

So what actually is a portable home security system? Generally, these are standalone, battery powered systems that can be installed in minutes. They are not as effective as a fully installed system, but they have their advantages.
There is one ideal security system that provides the best of both worlds. This solution combines all the benefits of a permanently installed alarm system together with the portability of an easy uninstall so it can be re-installed on another property – and that solution is the wireless home security system.
Wireless home security systems are relatively easy to install and most average DIY’er can undertake the installation. Wireless alarm systems generally consist of a main wireless control panel, siren and wireless security sensor devices. There are virtually no cables to install, except to the main control panel and the siren.
The signal between the sensors and the control panel are transmitted wirelessly so there is no need to physically connect the two together. The sensors are battery powered so again, no cabling required for power. To install a sensor you simply screw it to the wall and program it into your system. As installation is very straightforward, an uninstall of the system is as equally straightforward too making this system an ideal portable security system.