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How To Install a Burglar Alarm System

It is vital that a burglar alarm system is fitted correctly else it will be nowhere near as effective as the manufacturer intended. In order for it to function correctly and eliminate false alarms the correct procedure and best practice should be followed.
The object of a security system is to prevent an intruder entering its zone of protection. By informing the burglar with signs that there is an alarm system has pros and cons. On one hand it will deter them from breaking in, but on the other it will take away the element of surprise, thus giving them a certain amount of control of the situation. By correctly installing a burglar alarm you will considerably reduce the chances of a break-in.

The following recommendations detail the steps necessary for a successful home security alarm installation:
  • The system must be correctly set up and configured so that it does the job the manufacturer intended. It should be usable so that the armed hot spots do not interfere with your daily life nor create false alarms.
  • The security sensors must be installed in such a way to detect intruders at all access points. Even better if the detection can occur before they reach that point (e.g. in the outside yard) as well as all places where the burglar can hide in wait.
  • Make sure that no sensor is reachable so that it cannot be disabled without at least triggering another sensor and hence firing the alarm
  • It is recommended that the alarm system is a discrete as possible as to not notify anyone of its existence, except for when the alarm sounds.
  • Allow sensors to be temporarily disabled via the control panel as to deal with denial of service attacks.
  • If the system needs to be manually set off, make this as easy as possible.
  • Be certain that the alarm system you purchase is capable of advising when something is failing such as weak wireless signals, electric disturbances, sabotage or battery problems.
  • Be sure to check the systems battery back up capacity. It should be capable of at least 8 to 12 hours.
  • Choose a reputable and reliable monitoring alarm contract. Monitoring home security provides peace of mind 24 hours a day whether you are at home or not.
These days it is essential to improve your home security in order to prevent crime and by installing a burglar alarm system you will significantly reduce the opportunity of burglary thus keeping your family safe from harm. There are fantastic alarm systems available on the market today that have great features such as a built in dialer. This means there is no need for monitored home security as the dialer unit will ring either your cell phone or land line of a friends, family or neighbors house. Such systems are the Skylink SC-1000 and the AAS 400
Choose from traditional hard-wired alarms or wireless alarm systems. There are kits to self install one yourself, great if you are a keen DIY'er. Be sure to purchase a good range of detectors such as PIR motion sensors, window and door detectors as well as glass break devices. Furthermore, there are other sensors that are also highly recommended such as carbon monoxide and fire detection. There is no limit to how far you can go to protect your home. Don't get caught out and start improving your the security in your own home today.