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Window Security Bars

Fitting window security bars can offer both a physical and visual deterrent to a would-be burglar. The visual presence of window bars will certainty make a burglar think twice at breaking into your property. Whichever method the burglar chooses to break into your property it is certain that it would take some time and a considerable amount of noise. Burglars do not want to spend a long time breaking into a property let alone making lots of noise, attracting their intent. They want to be quiet and as quick as possible.

Security Bars
Although security bars are an excellent physical and visual deterrent, they do little to enhance the visual appearance of your property. We don’t want our homes looking like high security prisons but we do want the security and protection. Fortunately there are far more decorative and appealing bars available on the market. Some have a decorative scroll effect and other are designed to appear to be part of the window itself.

Many people limit the installation of security bars to only basements or windows that are generally out of view. Not for the reason that they can’t be seen, but these would be the kind of window a burglar would target as they like to work unseen.
A compromise on the visual appearance aspect is to install roller shutters and collapsible bars that can be hidden from view by your drapes still provide a good measure of protection. Then shutters/gate can be slid out of view when not in use.
There are unfortunately, undesirable risks from fitting security bars. In the event of a fire they could prevent a rapid escape from the property, risking the lives of the occupants. Fortunately, there are building codes, local laws and regulations in most areas that require security bars or grills to be of the quick release type. There are types of bar that often a have a device fitted that operate from the inside only allowing the bars or grills to be opened quickly in the event of an emergency. These quick release types of grills are often operated without a key so would be the easiest and quickest to open in the event of an emergency. Be sure to familiarize all members of your family how to operate the mechanism.
Garages and outbuildings too have expensive items in them such as your car, lawnmower, tools and gardening equipment and can also benefit from window bars or grills. Also, appearance will not be so much of a problem for these buildings.
In summary, many criminals will move on when they see your property protected with window bars as the time and noise involved makes breaking in less attractive. But bear in mind window security bars are not 100% intruder proof. There is always a possibility that an intruder can overcome the protection of the bars so like all security measures, grills and bars work best as part of your overall security strategy for your home so consider exterior security lighting as well as secure door locks, windows locks and a burglar alarm system for true peace of mind.