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Apartment Alarm System

If you value your possessions then installing an alarm system for your apartment is something you must seriously consider. An alarm system will deter burglars thus preventing them entering your apartment. You really should not be leaving the accountability for your security and safety only in the hands of the building superintendent or indeed your local police. Apartment security is really only as effective as you make it so take action to security your property and be safe from harm. Remember this – anyone can be a victim of crime, but if the necessary steps are taken to greatly reduce the opportunity of the burglar making off with your personal possessions.

Alarm systems come in two flavours, either wired or wireless. Wireless alarm systems are a very popular self install security system for DIY'ers. They are relatively inexpensive and their reliability has improved considerably over the last few years so no more false triggers or interference. Wired installations are more robust, will last longer and there is no need to change batteries of sensors (like wireless) as the devices are permanently wired from the apartment’s mains supply.
Alarm monitoring for apartments is essentially the same as a regular home burglar alarm system and consists of: a siren/bell sounder, an electronic control panel and a variety of sensors to monitor your apartment.
These sensors include door and window monitoring – usually magnetic in operation, PIR movement sensors that detect a change in temperature and often a smoke/fire alarm is installed too.
Generally, apartment alarm systems that have loud wailing sirens are often frowned on in apartment blocks – not everyone takes any notice of them Therefore it would be wise to consider a monitored security system. These systems notify the authorities as soon as they are triggered when a burglary is in progress. The burglars could be even caught in the act.
Alternatively, a cheaper, easier solution is a buy yourself some stickers that advertise that you have an alarm system. Would a burglar take the chance and attempt to break in if they saw the stickers? Probably not worth the risk. This cost effective solution also won't annoy the neighbors (i.e. no a noisy alarm siren). Remember to put the stickers on all entrances to your apartment including windows.
If you live in an area where home invasion is a possibility you should have one installed for sure. But make sure you shop around, Brinks and ADT are national companies and probably a good place to start. If you get an alarm system installed by a company then be sure that they take the time to completely train you in how to use it correctly. Ideally get them to include this service in writing up front.
If the system uses a dialer to call in, in an emergency the alarm will cut off the telephone service until it is finished dialing in. Also check and see where and how fast the dial up system is.
In remote locations you could be subject to a long distance call to a monitoring center and there can be system checks that can report in requiring a phone call and usually are programmed to occur in the night. Of course, if this call is long distance and can add to your telephone bill.
You may have a lease tenant agreement with a private landlord that states you cannot make alterations to the rental property. So how can you install an alarm system in a rental apartment? It is possible to set up a local alarm system in your apartment without making it a permanent installation. The company X-10 supplies alarm systems and wireless motion sensors that you can just simply plug into your apartment's electric outlets and you can unplug them and take with you when you move.