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Home Security Systems Advice

Home Security Systems Advice is a free online resource for the best home security/surveillance tips, information and reviews available for all your home security requirements offering a wealth of expertise and advice to help secure your home and protect you and your family. We provide information to help you evaluate the best home security system for you own requirements and budget.

Why Is Home Security Important?

Home security should not be taken for granted so do not assume that you will never be subject to burglary. The statistics are quite staggering - a burglary occurs around every 2 minutes. A sobering thought, so what steps are necessary to prevent the pain and heartache that such a traumatic event can bring? Today, there is really no excuse to postpone the installation of a suitable security system that will offer adequate protection for your property. It actually does not need to cost a fortune and installation can often be carried out by the homeowner themself, thus saving more money. As we have worked so hard to get to where we are today, we must all protect what is rightfully ours so preventive measures must be taken. Home security is very important. A simple way to protect you and your family is by closing your blinds when you are not home. Today, there is really no excuse to postpone the installation of a suitable home security system that will offer adequate protection for your property.

How To Prevent Burglary And Crime In Your Home

How safe do you really think your home is? Burglary is not only a crime where your valuables are taken from you but is a very invasive crime as it violates your personal space leaving you feeling empty and distort. The emotional side effect of such a terrible crime will often last for many years. The protection of your home is essential if you want to keep you and your family safe from the harm of the intruder so it is wise to take the necessary steps required to safeguard from burglar intrusion. There are many approaches that can be taken in order to secure your home, possessions and most importantly, your family and finding the best home security system for your money which help prevent the unthinkable from happening. Some of the most effective ways are:

Home Security System

There are many benefits to installing a home security system. Your system will be watching over your home night and day, which can give you peace of mind. If your alarm goes off it could contact help right away so you will not have to worry about contacting anyone yourself. You may able to save money on your homeowners insurance. Many insurance companies will provide a discount in your insurance premium if you install an extensive alarm system. Spend time comparing the various monitoring plans and deals that are available. You will need to find the best home security system for your needs. However, although security alarm monitoring will always protect your home, it is still crucial that you remember to be security minded. When you are away from your home - or maybe at night - you still need to lock your doors and windows. One other point that you need to bear in mind is that you alarm system and monitoring system will not protect your home you do remember to arm the system. If you fancy installing a burglar alarm system yourself, there are great alarm kits available on the market today. Wireless alarm systems are actually very straightforward to install and anyone with a little DIY knowledge can easily fit one. You will also save considerably on installation costs by self installing a burglar alarm system. Rememeber, find the best home security system for your budget.

Security and Surveillance Cameras

No burglar wants to be caught in the act when breaking into a property. They want to simply gain entry, get what they have come for the make for a fast exit - without being seen. By installing a security camera you will have the evidence that is required to hopefully bring the criminal to justice. These days, gone are the old fashioned VCR's for recording images and footage and gone is the need to keep changing tapes and storing them. Today we have the digital age and DVR's (digital video recorders) are the way forward to record and store images from a security camera. Advanced software compression techniques mean that hundreds of hours of footage can be stored onto a hard disk. The software is sophisticated so that it can be configured to automatically deleted old, unwanted footage and continue to record - so you never lose a minute of a recording. Wireless security camera systems are now readily available and cheap to purchase so it has never been a better time to install such a system yourself.

Secure Window and Door Locks

Your budget may not extend to a more costly home security system. and there are more less expensive opportunities for securing your home without it having to cost you a fortune. An essential step to focus on in your home is the subject of breaking and entering: doors and windows. Windows and doors are only as secure as the locks that are fitted to them. e.g, it is surprising how easy a burglar can easily break into a window by smashing it or alternatively, gauging a hole close to the window and putting his hand in to unlock the window via the inside. Fitting windows with keyed locks can improve your security considerably. Although they may seem a little challenging for personal use, they offer more safety and security. For much improved protection, you may deliberate the installation of electric security shutters. The only concerns which many people have are they can limit escape in an occurrence of a fire. However, there is new technology that has made fire escapes easier.

Exterior Motion-Sensors And Security Lighting

Exterior motion-sensing lights and driveway alarms such as infrared motion detectors are very useful to detect people as well as cars, probes can be used for the detection of large moving metal objects such as vehicles. These systems are often virtually false alarm free if installed in an area where there is no other traffic or metal moving. To scare a would-be burglar before they even gain access into your property then install motion detectors onto the exterior of your property. This will deter them before they get too the windows and doors. These devices can detect movement by monitoring body heat and anything suspicious can trigger an alarm and/or flashing lights, depending on your configuration of security system. Certainly, an opportunist burglar will want to get away from the property area as soon as possible if he suspects a motion detector device is in operation.

Other Methods of Home Security

There are more cost effective ways of protecting your home such as giving the illusion that your home is occupied and that someone is always in. It is prudent to use timers to switch on electrical devices such as TV’s, radios and interior lighting. This will keep most opportunist thieves away. If you plan on being away for quite some time e.g. over a week or more then it would be sensible to ask a friendly trusted neighbor to collect your mail and put out your garbage in order to justify that no-one is at home.
Home security should not be optional. You should not wait until the day comes when you are burgled so it would be wise to proactively protect your family and home before harm is done. To protect your valuables and small personal possessions then consider the purchase of a security safe. Not only does your expensive jewelry need keeping under lock and key, but so does your birth certificate, marriage certificate and other valuable, personal documents.
Finding the best home security system is not as difficult as you may think. We review and report of many of the top brands available today to help you make a more informed choice.
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